Rising Women Rising World is a growing, vibrant community of women on all continents who take responsibility for building a world that works for ALL.



We are a transformational organization and movement that exists to inspire women AND men to pioneer new possibilities, rise to their full capacities, and build a world that works for all.


Our work is sourced from deep feminine wisdom and values.

We are at the forefront of collaboratively co-creating a vision of how the world could be in 2030, and proposing strategies to realize this, based on successful existing initiatives worldwide and unforeseen emergent possibilities.

Our global network, consciousness practices, deep feminine principles, and strategic alliances and approaches help bring this work to fruition.

As Rising Women, we come together to pioneer a possible future.

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We envision, evoke & enable a world that yearns to be

Deep Feminine Wisdom

Imagine... Living in a world where the words ‘Deep Feminine Wisdom’ stand for and spread a new

Safety, Security & Peace

Imagine...... If every town and village in the world could call on its own trusted ‘agents of


We hold a vision of community where the streets and homes are safe spaces, free from emotional

Food & Water

Imagine... communities where organic vegetable gardens are everywhere. Every spare piece of space no longer needed for

Global Governance

Imagine... a world where the notion of ‘nation states’ as the building block of politics is gradually

Children & Education

Imagine..... In every kindergarten and primary school children will be taught non-violent communication, so that they learn


Imagine.... Instead of treating Earth’s resources as serving human economics, we recognise our dependence on Earth's ability

Business & Economy

Imagine..... A world where the aspirations, ambitions and goals of an enterprise were genuinely set to serve

Media, Arts & Creativity

Imagine... A world where creativity is valued not just by artists but by people from all walks

Indigenous Wisdom

Imagine... A new era – one in which all members of the human family will be treated

Health & Well Being

Imagine... A world where we looked at health from an integral perspective, where we had achieved a

The Whole

Imagine... A new era where the principles embodied in our constellations bring peace, security, health, wisdom, respect

Through our Constellations we serve to build a vibrant community of women on all continents who take responsibility for pioneering a possible future. The custodians of this mission are a committed group of professionals, who over the past 30 years have been shaping their respective fields. We call these women Pioneers.

Each forms the nucleus of a Constellation – a further 12 women and men specialising in her particular field. They in turn train and mentor constellations of younger women and men to develop initiatives and projects that demonstrate how this kind of future world is not only possible, but already in being.

In all our work we apply our experience that self-knowledge and inner work is essential to the shift in consciousness that will enable humanity to survive, to evolve and to thrive.

“Creating a world that works for all is now our critical task and our responsibility.
We are doing it together,
drawing on the fullness of our distinctive feminine values and competencies,
weaving local and global networks of solidarity with other women and men.”

Help us co-create this world right now!


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Rising Women Rising World is a special project of the Jean Houston Foundation, which has US public charity status.
For information on the JHF: P. O. Box 3330 Ashland, OR 97520 United States (541) 482-4240 http://www.jeanhoustonfoundation.org