How We Develop

We are at a point in time like no other. A time when our voice can be heard, we can consciously choose which direction to turn, which path to take, and how we will interact with the world.

We know that developing new levels of self-awareness and engaging in the necessary inner work to understand what has shaped us is the pathway to creating the new.  To choose consciously we must be able to listen to our true and authentic self and bring our feelings and intuition into action. We will need the ability to hold a higher state of consciousness in order to take effective action in shaping a future that works for all.

The Rising Women Rising World curriculum is designed to support, train, and sustain women and men to balance the deep feminine qualities – that have been marginalised for centuries – with the masculine.

Developing new ways of being and doing – with clarity, courage, compassion, collaboration, artistry, and resilience – will be required to enable us to take responsibility for the greatest human project of our time.


Rising Women Rising World – The Process

How you can be involved

  1. If you already have a project in one of the above fields, a project that will serve to build a society that is compassionate, sustainable and fair, you can get in touch with the Pioneer of that Constellation (see ‘Members’)
  2. If you are thinking of what you want to do to serve the planet, Rising Women Rising World offer tools for the development of inner power, self awareness and the opportunity to connect with like-minded champions of change. We deliver education and training, through teaching materials, webinars, workshops  and retreats:  (see ‘How we develop’).
  3. We would LOVE to have your help if you have specific expertise – in social media, administration, fund-raising or research? If you can spare a few hours a week to volunteer, please do get in touch on our contacts page.



Duration: 2 hour conversations in local communities, open to all.

A regular dialogue that enables women and men to converse, discuss their concerns for the world and engage in meditation exercises and practices that nourish hearts and minds. GATHERINGS – commencing January 2016 the second Monday evening of every month, at Hawkwood College CENTRE FOR FUTURE THINKING, Painswick Old Road. Stroud. Glos. GL6 7QW UK.
with Jean Houston

For women who have awakened enough to say ‘I know I want to do something, but don’t yet have inner tools’. For those needing personal development skills and insight to tackle social challenges and opportunities, leading them to a life of service. JEANHOUSTON.ORG
Duration: 2 days

This workshop is for people who care deeply about the world, who know that our current direction must change if there is to be a future for our grandchildren. It is for women and men who have already developed self-awareness and live consciously, who are committed to building their inner power in order to take effective action in shaping the future. INNERACTION WORKSHOPS:
Commencing evening April 1 – April 3
Commencing evening June 24 – June 26
Commencing evening November 4 – 6
Duration: 2 days

These workshops are formulated on the foundation of the InnerAction programme but have been custom designed for the necessary context, diverse geographical and cultural concerns that each constellation represents. Very specific modules will be worked into the existing format to allow for local stories to be included and the needs of the group to be addressed.
Duration: 4 days
This programme is for women who are leaders in their field, changemakers, policymakers, corporate leaders – to visualize, design and master the contours, frameworks, systems and processes of the Polyteias that now yearn to be birthed across the planet, to replace the dying hierarchies of patriarchal governance and corporate structures. They need to be equipped inside & out to steer humanity from collapse to renaissance.
Duration: 5 days
This Facilitator Training will enable suitably qualified people to be able to deliver the basic InnerAction course, as part of the Rising Women Rising World core curriculum. Designed to empower and train women to hold the space and facilitate the programme which enables women and men imagine, design and develop viable projects for positive change, both local and global.
FACILITATOR TRAINING: 10th – 14th October
For details of other course dates and costs, see our website news blog
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