Please join us to reshape the future

Profound change arises when we are challenged to create entirely new ways of living and leading and are willing to take action.

To shape the future that is needed in our world today we must bring into balance the masculine and the feminine. Indispensable feminine wisdom and qualities are needed now more than ever: the potency of COMPASSION, the gift of DEEP LISTENING, the brilliance of INTUITION and the warmth of INCLUSIVITY. Marginalised for centuries they are emerging strongly again.

We invite you to join women and men around the world who are awakening these qualities within and reclaiming their authority and power to serve the greater good, to protect and honour life and shape a world which serves human flourishing and planetary regeneration.

All over the world, in all systems, we see the devastation caused by the old patriarchal system, and the global consequences that cut across societies, geographies and generations. The feminine intelligence that exists in both women and men is now needed to face the current crises and bring a radical shift in the way we live and lead.

We call this intelligence FemmeQ.

Rising Women Rising World in Berlin

6th & 7th of June 2016

Launch of the first FemmeQ Summit

The first international FemmeQ Summit united 140 people from 15 countries who came together to understand how to validate a realistic and possible world in which the feminine principle is not only appreciated but also attains its natural place.

12 speakers from our organization came together for the first time for this visionary summit.

These women have activated and applied feminine intelligence with great success around the world, across all sectors of society in their organisations; in business, governance, education, agriculture and the arts.

They shared with us the very real examples of how they are creating a new world in which the feminine principle is not only appreciated but transforms as it attains its natural place in everyday living and leading.

In the plenary sessions and intimate workshops, women and men learned how to embody these principles and implement new methods for transforming the current systems. We answered the important questions that people had come to address:

  • How do women and men live the feminine principles today?
  • How can we shape a society that gives equal respect and honour to the feminine and the masculine?
  • What would change if each of us awakened and fully lived our full authentic selves?

Find the answers to these and many other questions in our online version of the FemmeQ summit!

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FemmeQ Online Package

The FemmeQ Online Package contains footage of the 2 day FemmeQ Summit that happened in Berlin on 6th & 7th June 2016. Included in the FemmeQ Online Package are the core messages of the 12 members of Rising Women Rising World, which have been edited from recordings of our speakers, the plenary panel discussions and selected workshops. As well as this, the package includes intimate interviews with some of our speakers and behind the scenes footage from our time in Berlin.

For everyone who joined us, this is an opportunity to relive your favourite moments. If you weren’t with us in Berlin, this is your chance to discover the learnings of the deep feminine wisdom and everything we created at the FemmeQ Summit.

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FemmeQ in the Corporate World

Feminine Intelligence shifts the current notion of corporate life from being a battlefield where people compete for position, fighting to have an authentic voice heard, to a trusted environment where people are engaged and partnership is created.

Many are now unwilling to sacrifice family needs for corporate demands. When we use our Feminine Intelligence, inherent in both women and men, we recognise the implications of the harsh and overwhelming pressures that drive performance and results at the cost of regeneration and collaboration. The structures, perceptions and beliefs that keep the system in place must change. Feminine intelligence must be developed in leaders to ensure they challenge “business as usual”.

The Deep Feminine Wisdom

The emergence of a new level of consciousness where the deepest instincts of the heart in both men and women – compassion, informed intelligence and a longing to protect, heal and make whole – find expression in ways that may be described as devotion to all forms of life. We call it FemmeQ.
Listening – it is the innate capacity to listen to what is needed. Empathy – the ability to step out of ‘me, me, me’ and understand the feelings and needs of the ‘other’. Compassion – to further develop the innate human quality to feel for others but to take action to assist them. Intuition – hearing the hearts’ guidance that comes when we can become still and stop being busy. Insight – the inner vision that provides the intrinsic motivation to activate the deepest longing. Inclusivity – go beyond ‘rank’ and regard for the powerful, to include those who have no voice or are powerless. Integrity – the courage to take a stand and speak out calmly when a value or principle is abused at work or in the community. Protection – replacing ‘man’s conquest of nature’ by the realization that we need to respect, safeguard and cherish the planetary life of which we are a part.

Rising Women Rising World in the world

Since the establishment of Rising Women Rising World in November 2013, we have had a major international event each year in the world’s political capitals: New York: United Nations, 27 July 2014: Rising Women presented at the Nexus UN Summit London: British Parliament, 17 November 2014: ‘Women’s Visions for 100 years of Peace’, to commemorate 100th Armistice Day, in partnership with the All Parliamentary Group on Conflict Issues. Geneva: United Nations, 21 September 2015, ‘Women’s Strategies for Peace for Future Generations’, on International Peace Day, hosted by the United Nations in partnership with Inter Parliamentary Union, World Future Council and Ecuadorian Mission to the UN.

Please join us for this next step in our journey to bring our message to all areas of society and create a new future for our world.