Project Description


A world where the aspirations, ambitions and goals of an enterprise were genuinely set to serve societies’ needs, now and for future generations; a world in which business success was measured by the contribution made to community and the development of culture.

Imagine a world where businesses were built on the principles of Nature’s wisdom of what it takes to be sustainable and thrive, guided by the rhythm of the seasons and cycles of life.  Such business leaders would honour the winter of business when germination is necessary for the reaping of the harvest in summer.  They would not deplete resources by relentlessly driving for performance and production, always seeking a ‘summer’, but would be innately aware of natural cycles and the necessity for renewal and regeneration of resources and employees. As social and environmental concerns begin to accelerate, new approaches are emerging.
We know that transparency and accountability will be the new mandates for business leaders to adhere to.  
Entirely new operating systems and procurement policies will be based on social and environmental compliance; this will become the norm.
By 2020, those born between 1980 and 2000 will form 50% of the global workforce and will be the largest consumer class.
Millennials – those born between 1980 and 2000 – have 4 major Priorities: an overwhelming number of them worldwide consider Environmental Protection, Climate Change, Resource Scarcity and Biodiversity loss as their No.1 Priority.
Inequality of income & wealth and unemployment are the next concerns many Millennials raise. Personal & professional development, coaching & learning are important for more than 50% of Millennials. They prefer to work with organisations that are ethical, transparent and investing in their staff. Profit is the lowest priority for most Millennials globally. 
Now is the time to shift the paradigm of how we measure success, and approach development. Imagine a world where business decisions and policies are based on deep feminine values of compassion and inclusivity that are inherent in the nurturing of life.
Envisage a business where these deep feminine virtues and values are voiced, respected and acted upon to ensure a synergistic way of working and an integrated holistic approach to business. This will require new full accounting of all costs of production and new national accounts that measure all unpaid contributions in the current assessment of GDP.
Local currencies are developing fast because so many more goods are being exchanged locally and gradually local currencies will edge out the need for international finance and the pressures of the market will die away.
Companies will no longer have CSR programmes; instead revolving committees of employees are tasked to develop and update their company values and the policies that actually govern their materials sourcing, fair trade and workers rights.
These values become alive and lived by all who work there. On every corporate board or council of international organisations two voting places are reserved for Millennials whose job is to ensure that the priorities of planetary care and compassion for people and animals are prioritized in everything the company does.
Imagine a world where all business leaders are encouraged to develop their self-awareness and direct their moral compass in the service of positive change.  
Such business leaders would develop and implement programmes and policies that ensure people are engaged in work that fosters their strengths and unleashes their full potential so that they flourish in their professional and personal lives.

The Pioneer for this Constellation is Karen Downes

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