Project Description


In every kindergarten and primary school children will be taught non-violent communication, so that they learn quickly how to resolve and transform any crisis that arises, such as bullying in the playground. 

They teach their parents the skills they have learned.  They learn how to recognize when they are in ‘fear mind’, and how to locate and transform darker emotions like anger, jealousy and anxiety, and how to have the choice and ability to switch to ‘love mind’ if they so wish.
Children and high school students all learn the value for them of quietness, of slowing their minds, by a regular practice at school before lessons. This enables them to arrive, to ‘be here now’ – a practice that will serve them their whole lives.  
The Dalai Lama says that if every child learns to meditate, war will be wiped out in 30 years.
Imagine an education where every learner awakens to the joys of infinite possibility and is able to discover and communicate with the creative spirit that resides within – a world in which children can learn without fear of failure.
Imagine an education that encourages us to see the linkages between the local and the global, the particular and the universal, the immanent and the transcendent; and education that reveals how every considered choice and action has the power to impact many worlds.
This kind of education would seek not merely to cultivate our intellect but also to integrate and nourish body, mind, soul and spirit so that our lives develop a balance in their ecological, emotional, moral and spiritual aspects.
This kind of Whole Mind education can harness values from the world’s diverse cultural and spiritual traditions that are in harmony with nature. It can emphasise self-knowledge and the recognition of the interconnectedness of all things.
The challenges of violence and alienation can be overcome by developing Cultures of Peace within schools and universities, by recognising the anguish of fellow humans and developing interpersonal skills for transparent communication, including conflict transformation and deep listening.
Whole Mind education has the power to give voice to the voiceless. Education plays a key role in building the world waiting to be born, because we are already able to glimpse an integrative vision that nurtures imagination, creativity and peace.  
To harness the great potential of all learners, educational institutes can provide spaces for inspiration and reflection, for the deep investigation and interchange of ideas, for practice in dialogue, and for nourishment of body, mind, soul and spirit.

The Pioneer for this Constellation is Dr. Meenakshi Gopinath

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