Project Description

We hold a vision of community where the streets and homes are safe spaces, free from emotional and physical violence, communities driven by collective progress, not by ego or side-agendas that profit the few over the many.  We envision communities that are conscious and aware of their resources and use them to collaboratively co-create a better world, where local economies are supported and sustained, circulating abundance that flows from one neighbourhood to the next.

In the centre of each community is a large open circular space where the residents gather regularly to debate and discuss the issues that matter to them, like an ancient forum. Everyone who turns up for the discussion has a vote. The resulting decisions are published on notice boards and the internet. This involves the active creative participation of all citizens, throughout the year (not once in 3-5 years), making or approving conscious decisions that are in the collective and planetary interest.
In order to transcend the either/or divisions of bipartisan and multi-party politics and ideological divides, political parties are phased out and relegated to history. The future politics revitalizes the original concept of democracy – rule by, of and for the people. People begin living increasingly in communities of human scale where they know and trust each other. They adjust their consumption patterns and livelihoods to life-affirming, ecologically sustainable ones.
More and more cities in North and South become regenerative eco-cities; mayors and citizens redesign cities to serve the needs of people and the environment, as in Curitiba, Brazil. And they reach out and link up with each other to share resources and strategies of success. Whether living in conscious rural or urban communities, people are thus better informed and closely connected to each other. Thus they are able to make wiser political decisions and to choose wise people to represent them. Citizens periodically review and redefine what is the common good – for all people including the most vulnerable and marginalized, and for the environment. They annually debate and take collective decisions that will further the common good – as was done historically in Swiss cantons well into the twentieth century. Citizens nominate and choose the wisest elders and the brightest and most dedicated youth – women and men in equal number – to protect these interests and oversee these decisions for short periods of three years. These replace the ‘professional’ ‘politicians’ of today.
Politics is no longer a lifelong career or an income earning proposition but a short-term non-profit vocation. A new common civic service is adopted in all parts of the world and replaces the antiquated male military service still existing in some countries. All citizens, female and male, devote two years of their youth in apprenticeship, serving society in the area of their interest. This gives them valuable professional experience to hone their interests and launch their careers. If their health permits, all those retiring devote two years of their wisdom to the same purpose, guiding the youth and serving society in the areas of their expertise.  
These young and older people soon replace the ‘bureaucrats’ of today, thus eliminating the lethargy, waste, inefficiency and high cost of many bureaucracies, while ensuring that the social good and social services are accessible to all.
The Pioneer for this Constellation is Ozioma Egwuonwu

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