Project Description


Instead of treating Earth’s resources as serving human economics, we recognise our dependence on Earth’s ability to provide for all species in a way that ensures continued bounty for life in the future.

We commit ourselves to building wise societies (‘Ecosophies’) by producing renewable energy as naturally and locally as possible.

We imitate Nature’s ways to make our technologies truly recyclable (‘Biomimicry’) by giving back to Nature for all we take. We reverently grow natural foods and medicines.

We develop relationships between local wise societies that permit fair and sustainable global trade (‘Ethical Markets’), using fair labour practices and community decision processes at all levels from local to global, including open source shared technologies and currencies that facilitate production and commerce without incurring unfair debt or promoting unfair advantage.

Any remaining surplus plastic is melted down in heated drums on every street corner and turned into fuel used to power the river barges.

When we run our economies with love, and within the constraints of our planet Earth’s ecology, we create the wise society of ecosophy – promoting the true values of economy in providing for family, society or world adequately in the most generous and least costly way, as well as care for the entire natural world of air, water, soil and all our fellow living creatures of Earth.

It has become obvious now that the unprecedented growth of industry based on cheap fossil fuels led to extreme concentration of wealth and power, and that this development has caused rising levels of pollution and global warming that demand the return to feminine values with the greatest urgency if we are to adapt to higher global temperatures and changed eco-systems.

The Pioneer for this Constellation is Prof. Elisabet Sahtouris

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