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a world where the notion of ‘nation states’ as the building block of politics is gradually relegated to history. Nationality then offers a cultural – rather than a territorial or military – identity.  As people are freed from the political and economic fetters of competition, they begin to flourish in cultural and artistic expression.

We already know that there are well over 2000 ‘nations’ of this kind, but only 200 ‘nation states’ of which 193 are recognized by the UN.
As we discard this limiting entity of nation states, we can also begin to let go of the unspoken hierarchies of superiority, domination and discrimination between the rich and poor nations. All can begin to feel as one.
As nation states become gradually extinct, there is no longer the rationale to blindly defend ‘national interests’ at any cost or detriment to fellow nations and their less privileged citizens.
The space is opened for a new kind of global governance that can pursue the universal good rather than defend the national economic and security interests of the most powerful.
The United Nations grows up and matures into the United Peoples and Communities. No longer captive to powerful member states or limited by competing national interests, it can begin to represent all people everywhere and to work for the wellbeing and flourishing of all humans, all life and of the earth itself.
This is done by replacing the UN General Assembly of member states by a system whereby citizens choose the best in their community – one inspired youth and one inspiring elder, one male and one female – to represent them in this global body for a period of three years.
At the global level Councils are formed, each including representatives of younger generations, to pursue the development of a world that works for all.
For example there might be a Transformation Council comprising wise elders, women and men, experienced in transformation and reconciliation who are available immediately whenever crises break out to help transform the crisis into opportunity and move the antagonists toward understanding and empathy.
With respect to justice, at global and national level the current retributive model that justifies the use of humiliating means of punishment against those condemned as guilty will be discarded. Instead, the system of integral justice based on indigenous and current practices of reparative and restorative justice will be adopted, drawing on timeworn traditions.
This will enable so-called perpetrators and victims to be seen to be capable of being transformed into vital agents in society.

The Pioneer for this Constellation is Dr. Rama Mani

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