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A new era – one in which all members of the human family will be treated with respect, compassion and justice. At the heart of this global movement is the recognition of the need for the wisdom of the indigenous peoples who live in a harmonious, healthy, and sustainable way, ensuring that all decisions take into account the effects on the next seven generations.

Traditionally, indigenous peoples have lived in harmony with the Earth, and their lifestyles have been based on environmentally sustainable principles that neither exploit the environment nor destroy the future.
This way of life contains absolute contemporary relevance to the world we are constructing for tomorrow. Their ancient wisdom can guide us in creating truly collaborative human relationships and serve as guide and inspiration on our journey.
A viable future will require the peaceful acceptance of diversity and systems of governance that foster coexistence, rather than the subjugation of other peoples and the exploitation of nature. It is important that indigenous knowledge, culture and political philosophy be included in the development of new-century paradigms.
Throughout history governance in indigenous cultures has brought wide diversity into strong unity and has honoured individuality while at the same time enhancing the community.
The new story draws upon teachings both from indigenous peoples and modern wisdom to inform and guide the reconstruction that western culture is undergoing. 
Swami Nityamuktananda writes “Bridges between generations and the dialogue between the masculine and feminine principle have become unbalanced. With it all of Nature has come out of balance. In the past, and today in many indigenous traditions, the role of keeping this balance fell to the Grandmothers; they were credited – due to their long lives – with the wisdom to hold balance.”
The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers represent a diverse mixture of women of prayer.
Each Grandmother, a leader in her community, has devoted her long lifetime to prayer and action. Beyond the development of specific projects, and to the extent indigenous communities are open to working with the modern community, such collaboration also empowers indigenous peoples and helps reawaken the modern world to the profound value of indigenous wisdom.
A spiritually strong, environmentally sound, socially just future will ultimately be created by a human community that embraces its indigenous heritage.
The Pioneer for this Constellation is Pauline Tangiora

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