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A world where creativity is valued not just by artists but by people from all walks of life. Imagine a world in which the rejuvenation, innovation and flourishing of ideas is communicated in a form that empowers and enables its audience to take positive action, to contribute, and to participate.

The emergence of the Feminine is a movement towards the Inner, what one might call the Soul: Arts and culture are the expression of that Soul, both individually and collectively.
We believe that working from this place of inner truth will allow a more peaceful world to emerge.
A deeper listening to the diverse cultures of the world, and the incorporation of the arts as an effective tool within other fields, will help bring about a future in which our creativity provokes the wider facets of our intelligence: compassion, empathy, innovation, collaboration, intuition, playfulness and spontaneity. A deeper listening will help us to solve problems from the heart, understand difference instead of alienating others, and come up with solutions that are truly original.
The revolution in information technology makes this world possible: No longer is information limited to hierarchal powers but shared through people power. And there are myriad examples of how communication platforms are spreading ideas like wildfire.
We can promote those who are using culture and the arts to change the world for the better. For example In 2004 filmmakers Maysoon Pachachi and Kasim Abid set up the Baghdad Film School, working with women in Iraq who were living through a ceaseless state of conflict. The camera became a tool of healing, hope, memory, record and communication, allowing students to share a point of view unreached by conventional media, and to enlist solidarity with the continued suffering of Iraq. Participants in the training are now going on to create full-length features, realising their personal talents while recording history from their perspective.
Leaders in media can be encouraged to communicate stories and examples of positive action and enterprise, as exemplified by AVAAZ – an internet people-powered force to make the world a better place, now growing at a million members a month and 100% member-funded and driven.
In the weeks building up to the COP Paris climate change negotiations AVAAZ smashed global records, marching in the hundred of thousands all over the globe, bringing their voices into the summit.
Christiana Figueres, Head of UN climate talks, spoke to the power of the marches in her closing speech to the summit in Paris.
When in 2014 the UN Secretary General convened his UN Climate Change Summit and hundreds of thousands of people marched in the streets of New York, it was then that we knew that we had the power of the people on our side.” The beauty of the arts can be used to help us vision and co-create a world that works for all.

The Pioneer for this Constellation is Chipo Chung

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