Project Description


A new era where the principles embodied in our constellations bring peace, security, health, wisdom, respect for nature and good governance to a world that works for all beings.

Human beings realise their full potential in communities, respecting their fundamental interdependence with the earth, and constructively supporting the re-generation of nature.
Spiritual and psychological learning becomes the norm, along with developing Cultures of Peace within schools and universities, where Whole Mind education can harness values from the world’s diverse cultural and spiritual traditions that are in harmony with nature. Diverse social, cultural and ethnic groups enjoy their essential underlying unity, learning to transform conflict through respect and empathy.
The world economy becomes sustainable and regenerative, respecting nature’s laws and limits through the full participation of and benefit to both women and men.
Business success is measured by the contribution made to community and the development of culture; the aspirations, ambitions and goals of an enterprise are set to serve societies’ needs, now and for future generations.
Restorative communities are built where meaning and wonder are restored to birth, life and death, and to spiritual and secular life; where mutual support and solidarity can thrive, where historical wounds are healed and transformed.
The arts become central to society, as a means of articulating identity, transforming conflict and moving hearts and minds.
Media follows suit by generating coverage of the positive in human capacity, driven by people power. global society of safe, healthy and aware individuals, realising their full potential as human beings and communities, and capable of transforming challenges and obstacles into opportunities for positive change.
We live in harmony with an ecologically-enriched planet where all human beings recognise and respect their fundamental interdependence with the earth, and constructively support the re-generation of nature.

The Pioneer for this Constellation is Dr. Jean Houston

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