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Deep Feminine Wisdom

Imagine... Living in a world where the words ‘Deep Feminine Wisdom’ stand for and spread a new perspective on life, with the

Safety, Security & Peace

Imagine...... If every town and village in the world could call on its own trusted ‘agents of transformation’ – respected people who


We hold a vision of community where the streets and homes are safe spaces, free from emotional and physical violence, communities driven

Food & Water

Imagine... communities where organic vegetable gardens are everywhere. Every spare piece of space no longer needed for car parking is planted with

Global Governance

Imagine... a world where the notion of ‘nation states’ as the building block of politics is gradually relegated to history. Nationality then

Children & Education

Imagine..... In every kindergarten and primary school children will be taught non-violent communication, so that they learn quickly how to resolve and


Imagine.... Instead of treating Earth’s resources as serving human economics, we recognise our dependence on Earth's ability to provide for all species

Business & Economy

Imagine..... A world where the aspirations, ambitions and goals of an enterprise were genuinely set to serve societies’ needs, now and for

Media, Arts & Creativity

Imagine... A world where creativity is valued not just by artists but by people from all walks of life. Imagine a world

Indigenous Wisdom

Imagine... A new era – one in which all members of the human family will be treated with respect, compassion and justice.

Health & Well Being

Imagine... A world where we looked at health from an integral perspective, where we had achieved a positive shift in our thinking

The Whole

Imagine... A new era where the principles embodied in our constellations bring peace, security, health, wisdom, respect for nature and good governance